20 June 2018
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Svetlana Topilina

St Petersburg Deputy Director

Svetlana graduated from the St-Petersburg State University, as M.Sc. Mathematics. She worked as a computer programmer in several companies such as Hydro-Project Research Institute and Leningrad Electro-Mecanical Plant. From 1999 she worked in CPY “Yellow pages” Ltd. in title Senior Sales Consultant and PR-manager. She was responsible for cold sales, negotiation, execution and monitoring of contracts, organization of corporate events for employees and external customers, maintaining the company's image in government environment and business community.

In 2011 she was employed as Director of Development with “Hyundai Electric Systems” – Diller of "Hyundai Heavy Industries" LLC. Her job was negotiating, signing contracts, delivery and documentation, presentations and participation in exhibitions in the regions, administrative support. In October 2014 she joined the RBCC as Deputy Director.

Her Hobbies are yoga, fitness, traveling, contemporary art, psychology.