19 February 2019
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St. Petersburg | Supported Event | «Mechanical Engineering: Digital Format» Conference by Vedomosti, Thursday 7 June 2018

07 Jun 12
from 10:00 to 16:00
103, Bolshoy Prospect V.O., pavilion №4

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg would like to alert you to our partner's event:

The Business Newspaper «Vedomosti» is delighted to invite you to participate in the «Mechanical engineering. Digital format» Conference, which will take place on the 7th of June, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Venue: Center of import substitution and localization of St. Petersburg, 103, Bolshoy Prospect V.O., pavilion №4.

The industrial enterprise, as well as any other business, can be effective, competitive and steady only if keeps up to date: introduces modern technologies, methods and the principles of economical production, the program of increase in ecological safety.

Within the 2nd annual Mechanical engineering conference participants will discuss the situation at the industrial enterprises in the Northwestern Federal District, the prospects of technological and digital development, both branch in general, and the concrete enterprises, will share practicians of interregional and interindustry cooperation in processing and recycling, introduction of the principles of economical production, human resource management.

In discussion focus:

  • Main vectors of development of machine-building industry. Digitalization and new technologies.
  • Digital enterprise: change of production and business model.
  • Lean. Best practices.
  • Personnel management and mentoring system as a factor in the success of a business project.
  • Industrial ecology.


Representatives of the state and regional authorities, representatives of industrial clusters of St. Petersburg, general, finance directors, directors of production, technical directors, personnel directors of the Russian and international industrial enterprises of a machine-building complex; representatives of the companies suppliers of the equipment and accessories, representatives of higher education institutions, technical training college, representatives industrial and industrial parks, experts; heads of ecological services of the enterprises, representatives of the research centers and profile higher educational institutions, other experts who are carrying out professional activity in the field of environmental protection; Media.


Action format

Annual one-day conference. 

Dialogue of participants and regulators of branch. 

The action will take place in a format of plenary, practical, debatable sessions, a round table. Duration of an action is from 10:00 to 16:00, with breaks on coffee a break.



09:30–10:00. Registration of participants. Welcome coffee.

10:00–12:00. Plenary session. Digital enterprise: change of production and business model

Discussion subjects:

  • Main directions of development of machine-building branch.
  • Digitalization and technological development as basis of steady growth of branch.
  • Creation of the digital enterprise: how to profit by digitalization and to carry out complex transformation of business?
  • What digital technologies and tools can increase customer focus of the companies?
  • Demand gives rise to the offer: what is done by the companies to become closer to the clients.

12:00–12:40. Brunch

12:40–14:10. Practical session. Lean. Best practices.

Cases from leading companies of machine-building branch how to increase profitability and efficiency of the enterprise how to change approaches, methods and instruments of production management.

JSC October Electrocar-repair Plant, "Toyota", Hyundai Motors, Kirov Plant, Power Machines, Izhora Plants, Lenpooigrafmash, others. 

14:10–14:30. Coffee break

14:30-16:00. Session 3. Industrial ecology 

Discussion subjects:

  • Monitoring and analysis of the current position in the industrial enterprises. Interregional and interindustry cooperation in address questions with waste.
  • Implementation of measures, aimed at providing ecological safety in the region.
  • Management of industrial wastes: storage, processing, utilization. Principles of financing.
  • Standard and legal base: toughening of the ecological legislation, ecological collecting and standards of utilization. 
  • Increase in environmental efficiency of the industrial enterprises as factor of sustainable development of business. 

14:30–16:00. Round table. Human resource management and system of mentoring as factor of success of the business project.

During a digital era considerable changes in structure of personnel at manufacturing enterprises approach. Some professions will die while others will appear. How to be prepared for changes and to prepare change. As the education system has to change and whether practice of mentoring can compensate "educational flaws". As requirements to personnel what new competences will be necessary during a digital era to all employees regardless of a profession will change. 

Discussion subjects:

  • Production personnel during a digitalization era. 
  • Features of human resource management of the industrial enterprises.
  • Introduction of system of mentoring according to ISO.
  • Development of potential of production employees.
  • System of professional and social adaptation of young workers.

To participation it is planned to invite:

Sergey Alekseev, the Chairman of the Committee on environmental management and ecology of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Sergey Alimbekov, deputy director for technological development of Internet Initiatives Development Fund

Alexander Babkin, deputy chief, Management of scientific and organizational activity, professor of the Higher school of industrial management and economy, СПбПУ Peter the Great

Pavel Besshapov, CEO of JSC Upravleniye otkhodami

Igor Grigoriev, chairman, Committee on environmental management, environmental protection and ensuring ecological safety

Elena Dmitrichenko, director of restructuring, JSC October Car-repair Plant

Albina Dudareva, member of council of Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Commission on ecology and environmental protection of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Marina Zimina, director, Center of cluster development

Irina Kazantseva, deputy CEO, Kronstadt Groups on personnel

Olga Krylova, director of a production system and quality, Kirov Plant

Alexey Kuleshov, deputy head, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart)

Vadim Kulikov, chief engineer, First Deputy CEO of the Agency on technological development

Taras Kustov, vice rector for additional education, СПбГЭТУ "LETI"

Anatoly Kutuzov, coordinator of youth policy, project manager, Russian Engineering Union

Victor Larionov, the chairman of Subcommittee on innovations in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Head Fonda of project financing at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Managing partner of the MOST Marketing company;

Alexander Lopota, director-chief designer, GNTs Russian Federation Central Research Institute RTK

Vladimir Maryev, the head of the FGAU Scientific Research Institute TsEPP Minpromtorg of Russia Scientific and methodical center "Waste Management and Secondary Resources", the head of subcommittee on hazardous waste and secondary resources of Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on environmental management and ecology

Maxim Meyksin, chairman, Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg

Sergey Movchan, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg

Sergey Pokhlebkin, head of design office, Izhora Plants

Vladimir Rublevsky, chairman, Committee on improvement 

Kirill Soloveychik, president, Lenpoligrafmash

Valery Telenkov, CEO, Evroaziya

Sergey Chukhontsev, CEO, "Modern technologies of mechanical engineering"

Artem Shadrin, director, Strategic development department and innovations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Evgeny Shapiro, director, Fund of development of the industry of St. Petersburg

Representative, "ILIM group"

Representative Skolkovo

Representative Norilsk Nickel

Representative Power Machines

Representative SUE Vodokanal



Participation fee: 12000 rubles. (Excl. VAT 18%).

Special offer! Use «RBCC» code and get a discounted participation fee: 8000 rub. (Excl. VAT 18%). Participation cost only in a session No. 3 "Industrial ecology" – 3 500 rub. (Excl. VAT 18%).

To register please contact Daria Borodina by phone 325-60-80 (ext. 229), or email

Information on the event: Mechanical engineering. Digital format

We hope that you will find this offer useful.