19 February 2019
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Moscow | Supported Event, Seminar "Making Smart Cities Sustainable and Resilient", Tuesday 9 October 2018

09 Oct 18
from 10:00 to 16:30
VDNH, Smart City pavilion.
Dear RBCC Members and Partners,

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce in Moscow is glad to invite you to participate in the Seminar “Making Smart Cities Sustainable and Resilient” organized by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The event will be held on Tuesday 9 October 2018, VDNH, Smart City pavilion.

The event will focus on urban planning, green infrastructure and technology as the drivers for developing an urban resilience strategy. The topics most demanded here in Russia are sustainable transport, relocation infrastructure and building design, energy efficiency, renewable energy, storage technologies and weatherproofing for buildings. Also of interest is environmental sustainability, including carbon sinks, flood mitigation and water and energy conservation.


  • 10:00 - Registration
  • 10:30 - 10:45 - Welcome address followed by the presentation on UK expertise in Smart Cities by Mr John Lindfield, the Director for the Department of International Trade in Russia
  • 10:45 - 13:00 -  Panel discussion/presentations by UK companies – 1st part
  • 13:00 - 14:00 -  Networking lunch
  • 14:00 - 16:30 - Panel discussion/presentations by UK companies – 2d part
  • 16:30 End of the program


There is a huge opportunity, right now, to develop liveable and resilient urban infrastructure, using smart financing and business models, to make sure that our cities are healthy and thriving. By 2020 the global Smart Cities market will be valued at £900 billion and there is a need for £25 trillion of global infrastructure investment over the next 20 years to ensure sustainable urban futures.

The UK has developed best practice in engineering, design, architecture, digital economy, finance, legal services and insurance. UK cities are innovating in intelligent transport, connected healthcare, environmental sensing (including for flooding and air quality) and other areas that can show the way for cities worldwide. UK cities are also creative and secure.

The global urban innovation centre, the Future Cities Catapult and our City Standards Institute are successfully helping city leaders to transition to smarter cities. We have an Internet of Things City Demonstrator launching in Manchester. London was the first global modern city. The UK continues to be a leader in designing and creating the cities of the future, focusing our expertise around the convergence and integration of healthcare, transport, smart city engineering consultancy, design and planning, energy, smart grids, the built environment and digital media. We hope you will take advantage of these exciting new opportunities and together, we can convert Moscow into the Smartest city in the future

UK expertise in the Smart Cities sector includes:

Urban design, planning and architecture
  • UK architecture firms – 67,000 jobs, 12,000+ enterprises, £6 billion turnover in 2015.
  • UK developed BREEAM green building standards and buildings
  • Information Management (BIM) software used internationally
Infrastructure, engineering and construction
  • UK civil engineering firms – 197,000 jobs, 19,000+ enterprises, £39bn turnover.
  • UK construction and civil engineering firms lead major urban infrastructure developments worldwide
Data, software and analytics
  • UK ICT industry – 1.3 million jobs, contributes 8% of the country’s GVA
  • UK is a world leader in urban open data and spatial data analysis, modelling and visualisation
 Project management, financing and real estate
  • UK professional and business services are very competitive in world markets, with a share of exports to developed (OECD) economies of 12%, second only to the US
  • UK strengths applied in a global context for major infrastructure and urban development financing and project delivery
Public engagement and service design innovation
  • UK firms provide innovative user-centred service design solutions worldwide
  • UK cities and civic organisations reinvent citizen engagement with city-making processes

REGISTER NOW by contacting Svetlana Bukanova and Ekaterina Glukhova specifying your name, company, position, and contact details


Kind Regards,
RBCC Moscow Office