19 February 2019
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St. Petersburg | Supported Event | Vedomosti: Corporate Social Responsibility: Practices of the Russian Regions, Thursday 14 February 2019

14 Feb 19
from 09:00 to 15:30



Corporate social responsibility

February 14, 2019

Park Inn by Radisson Pobedy Square, 1


The increasing number of the companies seeks to provide stability of business in the long term, creating values for society, considering expectations of a wide range of interested parties among which owners and consumers, employees and local communities in territories of presence. Business stops being in itself, it is built in the global system of relationship which basis – corporate social responsibility. And, of course, sustainable development of business cannot happen without development of territories of presence. About sustainable development of territories, about interaction of business of the power and local communities the speech will go to conferences. Representatives of the regional authorities will tell about practicians of development of territories, joint with business. Participants will share experience of management of sustainable development and risks and also will discuss motives of conducting socially responsible business.


In discussion focus:

• Use of digital technologies in charity as a way of increase in efficiency of programs.

• Regional practicians of sustainable development of territories.

• Interaction of business with the power and local communities.

• Risk management.

• Motives and motivation.


Representatives of public authorities of the power, charity foundations and organizations, specialists of NPO, heads of GR, PR, CSR, HR departments, departments of development of the large Russian and international companies, industry associations and unions, media.

Project format

The conference will take place in a format of a business breakfast, a plenary session, practical sessions and a round table with participation of heads of regions and their representatives. Duration of an action is from 09:00 to 15:30.

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08:30–09:00. Registration of participants of a business breakfast.


9:00–10:30. Business breakfast. Use of digital technologies in charity as a way of increase in efficiency of programs

Technological process influences all spheres of our life and business and irrevocably changes them, resulting the person in absolutely new reality. However, with development of technological progress, social problems do not disappear anywhere. Besides, there is no consensus concerning what problems of society are the sharpest today, requiring the urgent solution and who has to solve them: state, business or society. Growth of volumes of charity says not only that the quantity of the tasks requiring the solution but also about that grows, as business – and society take the responsibility for the solution of social problems. It is already impossible to increase efficiency of charitable projects without use of modern technologies and digital decisions. Also it is not about separate projects any more, and about digital transformation of all charitable sector. How to use technologies in charity technology solutions for overcoming social problems how to unite in these projects business, education and philanthropists and whether, at last, will be able to replace technologies of the person, about it the speech during a business breakfast will go.


Authorities, representatives of the hi-tech companies, technological businessmen, management of technical colleges and scientific community, teachers and students of technical colleges of engineering specialties, NPO, media.

Discussion subjects:

● Trends and priorities of digital development in Russia.

● Initiatives in support of digital technologies (The ministry of digital development) / Digital technologies on service Ministry of Emergency Situations.

● Use of Big Data in the noncommercial sector, as a way of increase in efficiency of projects.

● Digital technologies in modern fundraising.

● From a problem to the decision. Digital technologies in operation.

For participation in a business breakfast it is planned to invite

Representative, Ministries of digital development

Representative, ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika

Anna Yanchevskaya, president, BF "System"

Representative, IBM Watson

Alexander Lopota, director-chief designer, Central Research Institute Robototekhniki and technical cybernetics

Andrey Bezrukov, director of strategic development, GS Group

Vladimir Vasilyev, rector, ITMO

Andrey Rudskoy, rector, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Victor Sheludko, rector, St. Petersburg state electrotechnical university "LETI" of V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Ambartsumyan Alexey, Deputy CEO, ANO Sensor-Tekh Laboratory

Igor Rybakov, CEO "Rybakov fund"

Representative, "Extremum", developer of The Rescuer Is Near application

Representative, Red Cross, First aid mobile application

Regional public organization "Association of voluntary rescuers "Extremum"

Representative, Megafon

Representative, BIOCAD


10:00–10:30. Registration of participants. Welcome coffee

10:30–12:00. Plenary session. The global Contract of the UN as an initiative in the sphere of sustainable development: practicians of the Russian and international companies

Discussion subjects:

• Potential of the Global contract of the UN. Possible advantages to business.

• How does business realize 17 sustainable development goals in regions of presence?

• Sustainable development goals of the UN: business for decent work and poverty eradication.

• Management of sustainable development and risks.

• Issues of interaction of the power and society on places. The best cases.

• Reporting under the international standards.

• KSO and disputable motives. That it is better for socially responsible behavior of business: state and international regulation or voluntary measures?


Yulia Mazanova, director of social policy and corporate communications, Metalloinvest Management Company

Tatyana Rozhkova, area manager "Social policy", NLMK

Elena Seryogina, director of the department of corporate social responsibility, MTS

Natalya Poppel, the head of department on corporate social responsibility and a brand, Severstal

To participation in a session it is planned to invite:

Marina Vashukova, executive director, "National Network of the Global Contract" Association

Natalya Gonchar, head of department of information support and work with media, press secretary, "Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd"

Alexander Arkhipov, director of corporate charity and internal communications, JTI Russia


12:00–12:20. Coffee break

12:20–13:20. A round table with participation of representatives of the regional authorities. Sustainable development of territories

13:20–13:50. Lunch

13:50–14:50. Debatable panel 2.1. Support of education as part of social responsibility of business

To participation it is planned to invite

Andrey Bezrukov, director of strategic development, GS Group

Yury Blagov, director, Center of corporate social responsibility PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Higher school of management, St.Petersburg State University

Leonid Vasilyev, director of programs of additional professional education, Saint Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management

Tatyana Garanina, academic director, management of the Master of Business Administration program, Saint Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management

Mikhail Krivonos, cofounder, Rabota-i Center

Taras Kustov, vice rector for additional education, СПбГЭТУ "LETI"

Alexander Lopota, director-chief designer, Central Research Institute Robototekhniki and technical cybernetics

Aleksandr Makeev, head of department of educational programs, Nestlé Russia, senior research associate, Institute of age physiology, Russian Academy of Education

Andrey Rudskoy, rector, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Olga Serebrennaya, the director of the center of development of career, Higher School of Economics National Research University in St. Petersburg

Natalia Tolochenko, the area manager of corporate social responsibility, Coca-Cola of HBC Russia in the Moscow and Northwest regions, Coca-Cola of HBC Russia

Victor Sheludko, rector, St. Petersburg state electrotechnical university "LETI" of V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin)


13:50–14:50. Debatable panel 2.2. Cooperation with NPO and local communities: reefs and mutual benefita

14:50–15:20. Press scrums

Information: Корпоративная социальная ответственность 2019

Date: February 4, 2019

Place: Park Inn by Radisson Pobedy Square, 1

Participation cost for partners and members of RBCC chamber special conditions of participation: by the code word of RBCC 8 000 rub plus the VAT of 20% instead of 15 000 rub plus the VAT

At registration of 2 and more representatives from the company participation cost – 7,000 rub plus the VAT for everyone.

Participation cost for representatives of NPO and charity foundations - 6000 rub plus the VAT


Borodina Darya

Project manager of department of conferences

Phone number: (812) 325 6080 (ext. 229)