London: 24 December - 05 January 

Moscow & St Petersburg: 31 December - 12 January 

Dear Member of RBCC,

I write to wish you a very happy and relaxing holiday period and prosperity, good health, good opportunities, and good judgement in 2015 – and, also, to thank you for continuing to support RBCC in difficult times!

The executive teams of RBCC led by Trevor Barton in the UK and Alan Thompson in Russia have worked tirelessly in 2014 and with continuing enthusiasm to promote long term business relationships between companies in our two countries in what have been potentially dispiriting circumstances. On behalf of us all and personally, I thank them and congratulate them and also wish them an enjoyable and restorative break with their families over the holiday period and success in 2015.

Sanctions imposed by both of our countries must, of course, be observed and complied with.

Good business, though, is a constant long term work-in-progress not least because it relies on relationships and partnerships of mutual trust and respect, which take time to establish and bring to fruition and which are easily broken. At the best of times, we all have to work hard on such relationships particularly as, in the case of RBCC Members, they are international and inter-cultural. We have to work even harder at the moment, but I am sure from past experience that doing so is worth the time and effort and will be recognized and valued in the future.

Trevor, Alan and their teams continue to be ready to help you both directly and through our own strong and pervasive relationships with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RFCCI), the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), regional governments in Russia, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), UK trade federations, regional Chambers of Commerce and administrations, and also with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London, the Russian Trade Delegation and the British Embassy in Moscow.

Please use RBCC when it will be helpful for you and please continue to support RBCC in 2015. We value each one of you, our Members, greatly.

Once again, my best wishes to you for a great holiday period and a successful 2015 and let’s also work for a significant improvement in the relations between our two countries at the political level in the next year. Business and, most importantly, people deserve it.

Roger Munnings



Russia / Ukraine / UK

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce is naturally concerned that the recent and ongoing developments in Ukraine and the reaction of the international community will lead to disruption in trade and business relations between Russia and the UK, which will in turn have an adverse impact on our member businesses. We are a bilateral, non-governmental organization that has existed since 1916 to promote and encourage trade, business and investment between our two countries. We have done this by providing advice and assistance and organizing conferences, seminars, trade missions, networking evenings and other opportunities for business people from each country (RBCC members and others) to meet and develop long-term business relationships.

We remain committed to these ideals and aims and will continue to organize topical events on themes including the challenges companies may face in the current climate. As we have always done, we will act as a reserve of knowledge and experience, influence opinion to the extent appropriate, and reach out to new regions and members.

We firmly believe that Russia and the UK continue to represent attractive investment and trading destinations for UK and Russian companies respectively.

We will not comment on the political situation or political decisions taken in either country, however we remain committed to the interests of our members and to promoting trade generally, and are therefore pleased to be contacted if you need advice on how you can start or continue to do cross-border business.

RBCC is working to keep our members aware of the latest developments in the situation. For updates, please visit the RBCC Twitter page.

Message to RBCC members from Roger Munnings CBE, Chairman of the RBCC’s Board of Directors - 05 September 2014

The RBCC Board has taken the decision to reduce the scale of RBCC's presence in St Petersburg. This situation has been crystallised by recent developments in the political relationship between the UK and Russia which have resulted in a substantial downturn in fresh trade and new investment between our two countries.

RBCC will maintain a reduced structure in St Petersburg in terms of office space and personnel, which will enable it (with back-up from the Moscow office) to continue the work it has done for the last ten years in supporting its members in St Petersburg and the Leningrad region, and, when the period of sanctions is at an end, to encourage and facilitate Russo-British business in the city and the region once again.

There are no plans to reduce our operations or our presence in Moscow or London. It is hoped that the St Petersburg presence will be increased again in due course, although that will depend on economic developments both internationally and in the city and region, and also other priorities that the RBCC may have at the time.

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) promotes, facilitates and supports business between Russia and the UK.

It is independent of government in both countries and is funded by membership fees and event and publication sponsorship.

RBCC aims to be the first point of contact for Russian companies wanting to do business in the UK and for British companies wanting to do business in Russia.

RBCC is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that has worked to promote trade and cooperation between the UK and Russia since 1916, helping companies in both countries to find trading partners and representing the interests of its member companies of all sizes.

Using its experienced internal resources and its comprehensive network of contacts in companies, national/federal and regional government, diplomatic, and other business associations, the Chamber assists its Members to explore business opportunities and develop and sustain their existing business interests in Russia and the UK.

We run high-quality conferences, missions and seminars and hold regular business networking events.

RBCC has a completely bi-lingual staff, based in offices in London, Moscow and St Petersburg.

Through these offices, the Chamber provides up-to-date advice, research and market-entry support along with regular information through our website; our e-mail newsletter, the RBCC Observer; and our members' magazine, the RBCC Bulletin.

RBCC is governed by a high-level Board of Directors, who between them have many decades’ experience of doing business between our two countries. The Board is supported by an Advisory Council, featuring many of the leading business people in Russo-British trade relations.

Our members range from global corporates to SMEs and cover the full diversity of business sectors.

We always welcome new members.

If you’re not already a member, do contact us to find out how we can help you get the most out of business in Russia or the UK! And do take a look at the RBCC Services section, where you can find out more about the benefits of being part of our ever-expanding trade network.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you to improve your business!

Best Wishes,

Trevor Barton
Executive Director

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