25 April 2018
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Amity Communications part of Capita plc
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amity communications part of Capita plc was created to make it simpler for businesses to communicate across the globe. Right from the start we knew that global communications depend on far more than quality translation, transcreation, transcription or interpreting services. As overseas expansion grows and businesses increasingly communicate with their customers in their mother tongues, integrating design, typesetting and international distribution have become the key obstacles interrupting the process. We decided to build an agency that could manage the entire journey, from concept to delivery.

Since then, our business has won awards, found, retained and assisted a wide range of financial, legal, luxury brands, agencies and FTSE listed companies, both international and domestic, and of course, grown considerably. We are proud of how far we have come but even prouder to say that the personal, flexible touch that clients loved at the start is still what drives amity today.