20 June 2018
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• Devialet is a leading audio tech start-up that raised €100m in December 2016. The most awarded company in the history of audio, Paris-based Devialet aspires to revolutionise the music industry and become the world leader in sound technologies by 2020.

• Already #1 globally in high-end amplifiers, Devialet launched Phantom in 2015, a wireless all-in-one speaker recognised as the most qualitative and powerful on the market. All products are 100% manufactured in France and the Company boasts over 100 patents.

• The 100+ Apple Stores worldwide, along with Devialet's own stores in Europe (London, Paris, Berlin...), Asia (Hong-Kong, Singapore...) and the US (New York) and concessions in FNAC, Harrods or Le Bon Marché ensure the global presence of the visionary start-up's revolutionary technologies.

• With 20+ employees in the UK, the London-based subsidiary is expanding rapidly and is constantly looking for exceptional, driven and passionate individuals from all backgrounds.