19 February 2019
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President Tour
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President Tour provides а wide range of unique excursions and tours in Saint-Petersburg and the surrounding area.

One of the major principles of the company is its focus on an individual approach to every client. We take into account all requirements to make their trip to Saint-Petersburg as memorable and convenient as possible. We are hugely proud of our city; its culture, rich heritage and amazing hospitality, all of which adds to this stunning and breathtaking place. All our guests are able to feel the unique spirit of Saint-Petersburg during a trip organized by our company.

We work closely with a network of various museums, exhibition centres, theatres and restaurants to make each trip as comfortable as possible and provide an unforgettable experience.

We are able to help guests with booking flights, choose an appropriate hotel, organize meetings and transfers to and from the airport as well as providing the best possible guides for excursions.

In addition to this, we can provide guide services in a number of languages; Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian are all possibilities. Our clients are people who prefer to travel in comfort, value their time and expect the highest levels of service.