19 February 2019
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Albert Bartlett
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Albert Bartlett has become one of the UK’s leading food businesses, supplying 25% of the UK’s fresh potatoes, establishing the UK’s first fresh vegetable brand, extending into new food categories and international markets. The vision to de-commoditise the fresh potato market and create a consumer brand has driven innovation in new variety development, quality and consumer advertising.  Albert Bartlett became the first UK Fresh Vegetable brand to be advertised on television and established the business as the no.1 fresh potato brand in the UK.  The company marketing activity has seen them partner with Hollywood stars and global brands such as Disney to engage consumers in healthy eating and promotion of produce consumption. The success of the brand, backed by the business’ agronomic and supply chain knowledge attracted interest from international producers and retailers.  As a result the business has grown from distribution in the UK to European and now World markets including Europe, USA, Canada & UAE. Most recently the business has moved from a sole focus on fresh food and extended its operations and product mix to include added value frozen and chilled products, working with retail and food service partners across own label and branded products.