24 March 2019
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Connexus Academic Advisors
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Connexus Academic Advisors

Opening the door to the world of elite education in the UK, the US, Asia and Western Europe

With our clients, tutors and schools we build relationships based on trust, and give you exclusive access to exceptional opportunities in international education, offering a personal approach, understanding of family values and total confidentiality. A successful future for your child starts at Connexus Academic Advisors.

We believe that each child is a unique individual and deserves high quality education, special attention and care. Therefore we strive to select a programme specifically suited to your child in order to develop their talents and potential, to help them progress academically, to gain more self-confidence, to develop social skills and to help their personality grow and adapt to new environments.

Our company has an impeccable reputation amongst our clients and schools of the highest ranking. All our employees have many years' experience and have formed strong relationships with the educational institutions – and a unique knowledge base that we are glad to share with our clients.

Connexus Academic Advisors provides aid in selecting study programmes in Great Britain, the United States of America and Western Europe, offering your child education at preparatory and secondary schools, colleges and universities, as well as individual lessons with private tutors.

Impeccable professional competence, rich experience and the highest ethical standards allow us to guarantee absolute confidentiality, efficiency, accuracy and diligence when providing services to our clients at every step of the process.