19 February 2019
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Aperio Intelligence
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Aperio Intelligence is a specialist, independent corporate intelligence firm headquartered in London with offices in France and Romania. We are a team with decades of collective experience in investigations and intelligence analysis, drawn from a range of backgrounds, including government, finance, law, global consultancy and independent advisory firms. We help leading global corporations and financial institutions identify and understand financial crime, integrity, reputational and sanctions risks arising from a lack of knowledge of counterparties and local jurisdictions. We also provide investigative support to law firms during complex international disputes. Our services empower clients to take better informed decisions, allowing them to achieve positive outcomes and realise the full benefits of their business activities.

Through our extensive, vetted and credible global human source networks, we obtain discreet insights which are rigorously analysed to present a transparent and accurate view of research subjects. Our findings are supplemented using advanced investigative skills and in-house regional knowledge, thorough scrutiny of online public records, multiple specialist proprietary databases and locally-filed offline information. We have accumulated considerable experience in Russia, the CIS and CEE regions, where we frequently conduct sensitive, complex investigations and strategic advisory projects. With a thorough understanding of the background, track record and reputation of a counterparty – be it in business or in a conflict - we can provide the insight vital to business success.