19 February 2019
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17 January 2019

CXB HUB - an Exciting Year to Come


“2019 is set to be the most exciting year yet!” says Alexis Grabar, Co-founder of CXBHUB.

With offices up and running in Paris since last September, and plans to intensify its activities in China in 2019, the year is indeed going to be busy for Alexis and co-founder Claire Bonniol, who’s also very enthusiast about the coming challenges:

“We opened the French subsidiary to deal with our Euro clients. Our UK firm will keep on working with Russia, the USA, and all our non-Euro clients, like China – that is, until we open our offices there. We are already exploring our options there. We love working with our Chinese clients and we want to establish a more permanent base to stay close to them.”

CXB HUB has partnered with Isabelle Rongier, a long-time accomplice and former Academie du Service (specialist in client culture), to support the launch of the French subsidiary as GM.

Claire Bonniol recalls: "We have chosen France as the second country of establishment to get closer to corporate clients in the euro zone. We have hosted this week our first “Experience Afterwork” and the feedback was incredible.”

Alexis Grabar, co-founder: "We know Isabelle very well and we appreciate her efficiency and relevance. We know that she shares our values ​​and our philosophy about the place of humans and technological innovations in a company. We have every confidence in her ability to develop the French market and co-ordinate our change management expertise."

CXB HUB, launched in September 2017, supports some of the biggest names in retail, travel and bank & insurance in the UK, Romania, Russia and China, and recently completed its first round of fundraising (100K) to support its growth.

With current projects in the UK, France, China, Russia and Romania, building up customer excellence programmes for Fortune 500 and medium size fast growing companies, CXB HUB offers a range of services on the value chain of customer experience, solving business strategic issues, such as customer and employee centricity. It includes data analytics, experience management, data protection, customer excellence coaching & design thinking. “We have built with Claire Bonniol a strong hub business model which is scalable in many countries, with many clients & many strategic partners” says co-founder Alexis Grabar, UK based Franco-American serial entrepreneur.

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