19 February 2019
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14 November 2018

Brookes Moscow organize an IB evening for all interested guests

Find out more about the IB education, enjoy exclusive Brookes family atmosphere with a glass of champagne and take the most advantage out of our networking sessions!
When? On Thursday 15th November 2018 from 18:00 to 22:00
Where? Lazorevyy Proezd, 7
Dress code: Business attire


  • 18:00-19:00 Welcome Refreshments
  • 19:00-19:20 Welcome Address and Presentation by Charley King, Head Of School (Performance Hall)
  • 19:20-20:30 Seminars on IB education (Performance Hall)

Assessment in the IB programmes, by Viktoria Sokolova
In IB programmes assessment is ongoing, varied and integral to the curriculum. This seminar will enable participants to have a basic understanding of the structure of assessment in PYP, MYP and the DP.

University recognition of IB education, by Brice Bomo
The IB diploma is highly regarded by universities worldwide. The acceptance rate of IB diploma holders into Ivy League institutions is higher than the acceptance rate of the total population.
  • 19:20-20:30 Workshops on IB education (Conference Room)
Approaches to learning (ATL) skills in IB education, by Joanne Moore
With the focus being on subject contents, ATL skills are often overlooked. Yet, research shows that not only ATL skills improve learning, but they also help students beyond secondary and tertiary education.

Assessment in the MYP, by Camille LeProu
The aim of MYP assessment is to support and encourage student learning. The MYP approach to assessment recognises the importance of assessing not only the products but also the process, of learning.

ManageBac 101 for Parents, by Chantelle Stander.
ManageBac is a planning, assessment and reporting platform used in close to half of IB schools in the world. The platform puts children's timetables, progress reports, attendance records, behaviour notes and more at their parents' fingertips.

Transdisciplinary Learning – Paul Ackers, Eloise Sheiko & Learning Assistant
An approach to curriculum integration which dissolves the boundaries between the conventional disciplines and organizes teaching and learning around the construction of meaning in the context of real-world problems or themes.

Assessment in the PYP – Kavisha JP, Krysta Hauer & Learning Assistant
Assessment is something that occurs every day in some fashion. Students learn in different ways, at different rates, and at different times and the result is considered a critical element that influences teacher decision-making and guides student learning.

Playbased Learning – Jared Belworthy, Thomas Whitten & Learning Assistant
Young children’s play allows them to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning. The intellectual and cognitive benefits of playing have been well documented. Children who engage in quality play experiences are more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development, and are able to regulate their behaviour, leading to enhanced school adjustment and academic learning (Bodrova & Leong, 2005).
  • 20:30-22.00 Networking and Refreshments