24 March 2019
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25 June 2018

The special offer at MEGUmi restaurant

This summer at MEGUmi, the contemporary and stylish Japanese restaurant, got some special offers that will make your season shine.
At MEGUmi, every Tuesday is Oyster Tuesday. Come by to enjoy the best fresh regional oysters from the Far East and Japan, including Japanese Iwate oysters. Savor the delicacies with a premium Japanese sake pairing, or enjoy alongside our new original cocktail, the Spicy Yuzu.

Meat lovers should be sure not to miss our Kobe Beef Extravaganza events. Kobe is the highest grade of marbled beef in the world, with a unique texture that means no other meat can come close to its succulence and tenderness. Come by every Wednesday to try it for yourself.

For the sake of SAKE
On Thursdays, restaurant guests are invited to try a tasting set of MEGUmi's best premium sakes — Rojo Hana Ari, Nanbu Bijin, and Dassai. The restaurant's sommelier will guide you through the history of the traditional drink from the Land of the Rising Sun as you taste the variety of flavor experiences it can offer.

Premium beef on a Mount Fuji lava stone.jpg   lotte_food_147.jpg

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