Barry Martin

Member, RBCC Advisory Council

Barry Martin failed at school, the most important failure being the Russian Language – an innovation in 1958! It gave Barry a passionate insight into the history, culture and more importantly Russian people.

After joining a Russian travel/shipping specialist in 1962, Barry worked for someone else for 8 years, until deciding they were not doing it right and setting up The Russia House in 1970.

The Russia House is dedicated to encouraging contact, trade and travel to, from and within Russia.

Visiting Russia at every opportunity, he made many contacts and lifelong friends.

Russia House are top in their field and opened offices in Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam, Moscow, Edinburgh and Hong Kong, had 85 staff and a fleet of 15 trucks operating the London-Moscow freight route.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union they have a more modest operation - but still a great deal of Russian friends!