Vyacheslav Kopiev

Vyacheslav Kopiev

Deputy Chairman of Board, JSFC Sistema

Vyacheslav Kopiev joined Sistema in 1997, and has been a Director since 1998. He was elected Deputy Chairman of the Board in 2003.

He serves as Chairman of the Board of Intourist.

From 1989 until arriving at Sistema, Mr. Kopiev occupied leading positions at the Administrative Board of the Union of Engineering Societies, including Director for International Relations and Innovation from 1992 to 1997.
He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Sputnik from 1990 to 1997.

Mr. Kopiev has degrees from the Cybernetics Department of the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics; from the Law Department of the Russian Academy of Management; and from the Economics Department of the International Marketing and Management Academy.

He is the author of over 70 scientific works.