Moscow | Conference: International Sanctions against Russia: What's Worth Special Attention in 2020?

Thursday 6 Feb 2020.

Key topics of the discussion:

  • Sanctions against Russia: recent developments and application experience
  • Sanctions in the Russian legal environment: initiatives of the Russian Ministry of Finance
  • OFAC's licensing strategies for companies: changes in the licensing grounds to unblock effected payments (including listing, dealings with OFAC etc in Q&A format)
  • UK:Russia relations in 2020 and UK sanctions policy post Brexit and potential divergences from the EU
  • Impact of sanctions on M&A and finance transactions
  • "Sanctions for noncompliance with sanctions": strategies to mitigate secondary sanctions risks
  • Asset freezes against a number of Russian oligarchs, government officials and other persons
  • Challenging sanctions in court: practical cases
  • Do sanctions affect the arbitrability of disputes: international court practice?
  • Impact of unilateral extraterritorial sanctions on international arbitrations
  • Topical issues of jurisdiction over economic sanctions-related disputes: a shift towards Asian arbitration forums?

Among the speakers:

Alf Torrents, Executive Director, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)

Alexis Rodzianko, President & CEO, American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

Matthew Townsend, Partner, Allen & Overy (UK)

Ken Rivlin, Partner, Allen & Overy (USA)

Maura Rezendes, Partner, Allen & Overy (USA)

Andrey Panov, Counsel, Allen & Overy (Russia)

Igor Kornev, Head of legal, Country Legal Counsel, Boeing Russia

Elisaveta Koryagina, Head of M&A, Megafon

Irina Grekova, Head of Compliance, Aton

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When & Where

06 Feb 2020

Петровка улица, 11, Москва, Россия