Whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national corporation, whether your company is well established in Russia or entering the market for the first time, we can assist and support your business.

Member Benefits


  • Support with facilitating introductions and arranging meetings with companies in the UK & Russia
  • Login access to the RBCC Online Member Directory, listing all member companies and contact information of individuals
  • Introduction at the first ‘Just Networking’ Event for RBCC Corporate Members
  • Introduction in the RBCC E-Newsletter

Membership Hand Shake


  • Free and heavily discounted admission rates to all RBCC events, including, seminars, networking events and conferences
  • Access to members only events
  • Attend RBCC events in both the UK and Russia
  • Assistance with organising bespoke events
  • VIP Event Invites (Exclusive to Gold & Silver members only)

Membership Calendar

Advice Information & Offers

  • Introductory market information (general advice from our staff in both offices, providing up-to-date knowledge of the Russian and British markets, key players, etc)
  • Exclusive discounts on a range of essential business services (e.g. translation, hotel bookings etc.)
  • Visit support (assistance with travel & meeting arrangements, including discounts)

Membership Advice

Marketing and promotion

  • Company profile in the RBCC Online Member Directory
  • RBCC will recommend your products/services to both member and non-member companies where relevant
  • Opportunity to include vacancies, news, special offers and events in the RBCC e-newsletter, sent to around 2100 contacts monthly
  • Opportunity to post news articles in ‘The Bulletin Online’
  • Discounted advertising on the RBCC website
  • Use of RBCC Logo on website, publications, etc. (subject to approval)
  • Opportunity to post member-to-member offers in the RBCC member portal
  • Social media promotion

Membership Marketing

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