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DT-Gobal Business Consulting/ The Russia-CIS Business Group

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DT-Global Business Consulting is a consultancy company offering advice and information on global business and emerging markets with a focus on the CEE-Europe and Russia-CIS region. Among other services, DT-Global Consulting offers membership in private corporate Groups and comprises the largest network of senior executives of multinational companies operating in CEE and the Russia/CIS region.

Currently we work with 5,000 executives in over 350 global and regional companies including many of the Fortune-500. We help members make better plans and strategic decisions; gather regularly in key business hubs to network, benchmark and build strong business relationships that last: some of our Group member clients have been with us for 20-30 years!

Dr. Daniel Thorniley is the President and Founder of DT-Global Business Consulting and one former UK Prime Minister has called him: „The world’s leading expert on emerging markets.“ He is invited by clients across the world as a regular speaker on global business trends, business operations, emerging markets and corporate best practice. Danny works with his clients on business strategy in global and emerging markets. For over two decades Danny was Senior Vice President at The Economist Group, specializing in global corporate business trends with a focus on the EMEA region.

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