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Morsviazsputnik, a leading operator of mobile satellite communications on the territory of the Russian Federation, delivers a full portfolio of communications services and products for maritime, land and aviation markets in Russia and globally.

Morsviazsputnik is a national operator of INMARSAT mobile satellite communications system on the territory of the Russian Federation, Iridium service provider. Today the company operates its own ground infrastructure that has become an important component of the international telecommunication satellite networks and is forming the national ground segment of the Inmarsat mobile satellite network in Russia.

Being a part of the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport, Morsviazsputnik implements a number of state and national projects, represents the Russian Federation in the international organizations and programs such as International Maritime Organization, International Telecommunication Union, International Organization for Mobile Satellite Communications, International COSPAS-SARSAT Program and others.

Since its incorporation in 1976, Morsviazsputnik has grown into a unique telecom operator that works not only in mobile satellite communications industry but also is approaching global fiber optic market as the appointed operator of the “Polar Express” project, the transarctic submarine fiber optic cable line from Murmansk to Vladivostok along the North Sea Route.

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