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In the process of acquiring and growing our brands into global market leaders, we have realised that building a DTC proposition that can efficiently scale requires significant financial investment, time and resource. This is because the current DTC model requires working with an off-the-shelf SaaS platform at the core, before adding multiple 3rd party plug-ins, IT vendors and agencies to knit together a truly end-to-end offering. The complexity and cost incurred through this set-up is then further compounded by localisation requirements as brands begin to look outward for growth and more sites are launched in international markets.

We have developed THG Ingenuity in the process of addressing all of these challenges over the last 15 years, first for our own brands and now for our partners. It has been built by brand-owners for brand owners, and has demonstrably built market-leading and highly scalable DTC offerings globally across the full retail spectrum. As a result, it is a fully end-to-end solution that enables brands to launch completely localised and best-in-class customer propositions anywhere in the world, in a manner that is rapid, cost-effective and compelling to the end-consumer. With us, there is no limit to where you can scale.

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