Contribute to the future of Human Capital: Take part in Deloitte’s global survey

How has Human Capital changed ? Is your organisation ready for the new normal in a post-COVID world?

Take part in our global survey that explores emerging HC trends. The survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

We have been conducting our global HC survey for ten years. The format for this year’s HC survey has been completely revamped.

Your opinion will not only provide us with clearer insights into what the future holds for companies amid ongoing changes in the business environment, but will also help make our forecasts of how events will unfold more precise. We will use the findings of the survey to make practical recommendations and predictions for the future.

We will be sure to share the results with you so you can use them as you work on your strategies and prepare your organisation for change.

You can complete the survey in your preferred language. All responses will be anonymous.

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Date Published:

04 September 2020


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