ALRUD Law Firm invites you to the webinar: “2020 Opportunities and Challenges: Legal Encyclopedia of Russian”.

ALRUD Law Firm is honored to invite you to the webinar “2020 Opportunities and Challenges: Legal Encyclopedia of Russian” on October 20 (Tuesday), 5.00 pm (Moscow time).

This current year has become a challenge for all companies, and forced businesses to promptly react to COVID restrictions and to adapt business processes in accordance changes in legislation, to minimize related legal risks.

As part of our webinar, ALRUD experts will introduce our participants to the main trends of the modern legal encyclopedia of Russian life, by considering the legal consequences of the current crisis, and discussing the key trends in legislation and in practice relating to various fields.

Our webinar will address the following issues including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial contracts - typical problems and new challenges;
  • New flexible work regimes. HR digitalization: new rules and practices. Migration during the pandemic;
  • Data Protection during this Pandemic: what’s going on and what to expect?
  • Upcoming change in the relations between the business and its regulators - new limits of administrative control of business, novel public-supervision procedures and possibilities, regulatory sandboxes as micro-jurisdictions;
  • New trends in Russian litigation: COVID-19 consequences, online justice, bankruptcy subordination of shareholders, sanctions-related changes;
  • Real estate 2020. New reality for leases, construction and other deals. Laws, risks & opportunities;
  • New era of taxation for the IT industry and upcoming changes in the Double Tax Treaties with Russia: how to prepare for 2021?

The webinar will be useful to a wide range of specialists (company leaders, heads of commercial and legal departments, as well as HR directors and compliance officers).

Participation is free of charge.

Registration is required and is considered valid only after confirmation from our side. Please register from your corporate email address.

The detailed information about the registration and the key points of the webinar can be found here.

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Date Published:

09 October 2020


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