AAA English School: The EdTech platform offering rapid ‘learning gap’ support to international schools and parents

With back-to-school fast approaching, schools, teachers and parents are looking for effective ways to navigate learning catch-up.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated current educational challenges and caused considerable disruptions to day-to-day schooling, leaving gaps in student learning, which, if left unattended, will threaten their progress and potential when schools return.

Pupils the world over need pragmatic and rapid support so schools can deal with the shock to their educational experience and get them back on track for the new term.

Data is the key to navigating learning catch-up.

The key to effective catch-up is knowing where your student is in their learning right now. To understand this, we need to provide our teachers with real-time learning data.

The most effective catch-up is locally informed, built on diagnostic assessment and driven by quality resources so teachers can be confident in deploying interventions to target learning gaps.

If we don’t provide our teachers with the data they need to craft effective classroom interventions, gaps will go under the radar and impede our pupil’s potential.

The fastest and most effective way of collating the necessary learning data is through technological innovation. Teachers don’t have the time to collect and decipher data themselves, so we must support our educators with the technology needed to help them do what they do best, teach.


GoLearn & AAA English

GoLearn, a revolutionary UK-based EdTech provider is on a mission to ensure that literacy becomes a fundamental human right. They believe all children, no matter their background, should have the right to maximise their life chances.

Their solution is an AI-based English teaching and learning platform that gives teachers ready-made lesson content for students to work through in class or at home, enabling teachers to track and monitor student performance in real-time.

GoLearn is working with AAA English from English school in Moscow to offer schools, parents and ex-pats a free pilot of their assessment platform to address learning catch up.

AAA English school is an exclusive, small British-owned English Language Centre in the heart of Moscow. It aims to bring a different perspective to the ESL environment (English as a Second Language) for Russian students. It’s been in operation for twelve years and has around 300 students learning English at different levels.

Michael Lang, AAA English from English schools Director, said he’d “been looking for GoLearn for years”.

GoLearn helps Michael and his teaching staff address learning catch-up through its balanced and objective initial assessment, which supplies Michael’s teachers with a real-time view of their pupil's learning in relation to UK Key Stage levels.

The data from GoLearn’s unique continuous assessment technology provides the in-depth view needed for AAA English to diagnose misconceptions and plan interventions to quickly and effectively address learning catch-up and improve overall outcomes.

Michael, who has been helping spread the word post utilising GoLearn during lockdown has now partnered with their team in the hope that more parents and schools can utilise GoLearn’s platform to address gaps in learning.


GoLearn & AAA’s ‘catch-up’ offer

GoLearn has joined forces with AAA English and is currently offering teachers and parents a free pilot of their continuous assessment solution to ensure that no pupil is left behind due to lost learning.

After the student’s initial assessment, teachers and parents will be supplied with the in-depth data necessary to address learning catch-up.

All of their lesson content is created by literacy, language and teaching experts and is mapped to outcomes from the UK Key stage curriculum.

To find out more about how AAA English from English and GoLearn's platform can help you address your pupils' gaps in learning and to request a demonstration of their platform, visit their website linked below.

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Bulletin Online

Date Published:

01 September 2021


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