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A warm welcome to our first entry on our new ‘Bulletin’ platform! After months of preparation we are thrilled to finally introduce to all our members and partners the new format for all future ‘Bulletin’ content. The transition to the online platform will be advantageous for all readers as it will frequently be updated with new content and recent news, as well as keeping everyone in the loop with upcoming events. While there will no longer be a hard copy of the editorial, this new system has been designed to reach a wider audience and enable direct access to our latest feed on our website, which you will find via the Bulletin Online tab.

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The RBCC prides itself on its publication’s innovative history with the first ‘Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Journal’ published in 1919 – nearly 100 years ago! Over the years the ‘Journal’ (which later came to be known as the ‘Bulletin’) has been the primary source of information for all Russo-British related businesses and acted as a platform for business and product advertisement, while also promoting relations between members and potential clients. Nonetheless, what makes the RBCC and its publications so unique is the varied content that features within it, such as a wide selection of opinion pieces, interviews and bilingual articles. While we have opted for a new format, it is safe to say the ‘Bulletin’ over the years has remained true to its roots and abided by its traditional framework.

Re-winding back to the Chamber’s first publication in 1919, we find a report from the editor informing readers that all trade between Russia and the UK had been entirely ceased, only to see it reported, some months later, that relations had already begun to rejuvenate. This exchange of news and commerce continued throughout the 1930s albeit with restrictions during the Second World War. By the 1960s, Britain was one of the main trading partners of the Soviet Union with 636 companies as Chamber members by 1961. The RBCC has also upheld its ability to adapt in the face of changing political climates through modifying the name from Russo-British to British-Soviet Chamber of Commerce and then back to RBCC in 1994/95. There is no doubt the Chamber has faced challenges during political impasses, whether it be during the Cold War or even recent political disputes. Nevertheless, its commitment to remaining a-political and independent of both governments has ensured business continued to develop and is testament to the values the Chamber holds and the dedication by all those who are involved in the work of the Chamber.

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Over the course of many years the ‘Bulletin’ has evolved to meet the demands of the times and as a result readers have seen content dedicated to the relaxation of passports (1919), the Russian Fur Trade (1920), the Russian Fishing industry (1927), and to the latest news on exchange rates (1991). The Bulletin has and will continue to operate as the primary source of Russian and British trade news while also serving as the principal promoter for Russo-British business development. We very much hope you will enjoy this new format for all future Bulletin content and we gladly welcome requests for contribution of content from all of our members!

Bulletin Online
Bulletin Online

Date Published:

26 March 2019


Ilayda Nijhar