Business Education - what does it look like in Russia?

What does the Russian higher education system get right when it comes to the study of business and entrepreneurship, and how can it compete with Western standards? Arsen Manukyan, Head of the International Affairs Department at Synergy University, tackles these questions.

Today, business education is characterized by the need for practical knowledge, and I believe this trend to be long-term. For today’s students, business people and managers it is critical to understand how to find practical solutions, how to develop a business, how to lead a project and how to break into new markets. Theoretical knowledge should underpin every learning programme, but at the same time it is evident that a traditional academic education alone is not enough when teaching how to effectively manage a business.

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Russia and Russian education with its new direction are open to change and international cooperation. For example, Russia’s President is currently spearheading a project on the export of Russian education, in order to make it more appealing abroad. Russia is ready and waiting for foreign students looking for a top-quality education.

If we talk about the unique qualities of Synergy University, then the practical focus we offer is a main example. On a regular and consistent basis, our specialists conduct analysis of markets and new technologies that allows Synergy to offer students exclusive, topical and useful knowledge.

In our view it is important to give our students material, which will be applicable to modern Russian realities and in Western countries, therefore we have many international projects. We are the only Russian higher education establishment with licensed branches abroad. Synergy has opened a branch in Dubai, and since last year we are now represented in Germany. Every year in Britain we organise Russian Film Week for premieres, exhibitions and fundraising for charity. Visitors gain the opportunity to announce their upcoming projects, discuss collaboration, attract sponsorship and become immersed in Russian culture.

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When the company goes to a different country it has to solve an equation with new unknowns. It is necessary to research the market you are entering, because it will be radically different from the Russian market. It is like playing on a foreign field. Another challenge is the legislation. If something works it Russia, it isn't guaranteed to work abroad and vise versa.

The Synergy forums help our students in developing their own competencies. For example, the Synergy Global Forum in 2017 gathered 20,000 participants and remains the largest business forum in the world. The success of the Synergy forums is based on inviting the best experts who provide listeners with relevant content about business, sales, promotion on the Internet and adaptation to new technological realities.

In conclusion, the business education market in Russia has high growth potential - our horizons are endless.

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Bulletin Online

Date Published:

25 March 2019


Arsen Manukyan

Arsen G. Manukyan