In2Matrix, together with MetLife, have developed a cost-effective VMI program for SMEs and micro companies.

In2Matrix, together with MetLife, have developed a new voluntary medical insurance program, which will help in effectively maintaining the health of employees and their loved ones and more efficient spending on employee health insurance for employers. The product combines the advantages of a standard product in terms of low cost, with the advantages of individual products that have all of the options and additional benefits that can be tailored to the needs of the company. The program offers 5 options for outpatient treatment, which allows you to choose between clinics of different levels and services included in the programs. The product offers 3 inpatient treatment options and 3 dental treatment options to choose from. Furthermore, there are additional options to either optimize the budget, such as adding deductibles, or to include additional risks such as life and disability. As a bonus, the medical program includes travel insurance for employees and free telemedicine. Gerard Baltazar, General Director of In2Matrix, noted: “A well-formed employee benefits package acts as a guarantor of the reliability and stability of a company, which leads to greater employee retention through satisfaction and motivation. This creates an image of an attractive employer who cares about their best talents." Norman Uhde, Deputy General Director of In2Matrix, believes that purchasing this program is beneficial for SMEs and micro companies.

Firstly, these “off the shelf” products save companies time and money, since they cut down on time spent coordinating services. And secondly, for insurance companies, having many clients – small companies using the same or similar medical coverage – allows these contracts to be managed like a portfolio. This creates economies of scale, resulting in lower prices for the standard program. MetLife SME offers a wide variety of health insurance options to choose from, and additional options such as deductibles, dental benefits, life and disability insurance can be added. MetLife is an international insurance company with over 25 years of experience in the Russian insurance market. According to the leading Russian rating agency Expert RA, the company has a financial reliability rating of AAA * - the highest rating assigned to insurance companies with the highest level of creditworthiness and financial stability.

Bulletin Online
Bulletin Online

Date Published:

24 August 2020