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пятница 3 дек. 2021.

Webinar: end-of-year wrap-up

Speaker and Chairman: Dr Daniel Thorniley

Friday 3 December 2021

8am-9.30am GMT (London) | 09:00-10:30 CEST (Vienna) I 11:00-12:30 MSK (Moscow)


Presentation by Dr Daniel Thorniley and business panel with 2 senior guest executives reviewing their CEE & Russia business

  • What does HQ want from you in 2022?
  • Inflation is rising and interest rates normalizing in CEE and rates are sturdy in Russia: what happens next?
  • How good was 2021? Did inflation and rising producer prices hurt profit margins?
  • When will supply chain get better? Q1 or Q3 or longer?
  • How hot is the HR-Talent market? What are benchmark salaries? Turnover in Digital staff. How will 2022 be different?
  • What are your Digital plans?
  • What are the KPIs for your 2022 budget?
  • EU funds helping and automotive not so bad? So, CEE can still “keep flying”?
  • Industry and fixed investment doing well on the back of this.
  • But Covid concerns are growing, and CEE and Russia report bad numbers.
  • What are the key priority markets: Russia, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Romania?
  • And what about Russia-CIS? The rouble outlook, Russian consumer dynamics, government spending, political risk.
  • Which will be the best markets and the best sectors and the worst?
  • Poland still big and priority market but terribly competitive?
  • What’s affecting the consumer: less foreign travel, accumulated savings, steady wages levels? The consumer market has bi-furcated: premium and value doing well.
  • Work from home: what happens now? The process of making it permanent in part for 25% of staff.

Invited guest speakers:

Richard Singer, Chief Managing Officer, Europe, Dentons


Registration contact: Andrea Stark – office@dt-gbc.com by 2 December

In case of cancellation: please contact Andrea Stark, office@dt-gbc.com

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