CMM Investment Consulting Group from Montenegro is delighted to invite all stakeholders inter ested in the second citizenship programs to foster the partnership and cooperation with the reputable and renowned holding from Montenegro. We are distinguished by the proven track of 15-years-long professional excellence in real estate and business consulting, and proud of our role regarding the provision of immigration advisory upon the Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

CMM Group, the unique company upon the Montenegrin market offering the all-encompassing cycle of outstanding investment consulting, construction and real estate services, is eager to, with you, expand the business vastly upon the truly global market and provide an extraordiary scope of chances for cooperation to all interested partners who are willing to extend personal and professional frontiers onto the vast horizon of excellent citizenship-by-investment business opportunities.

Why Montenegro?

The country welcomes the investors with one of the most favourable tax systems in Europe. The personal&corporate income tax rates, as well as the capital gain tax rate are 9%. Without reservation, the clients are also encouraged to purchase from investors and acquire the easement related to the property purschase from investor tax rate of phenomenal 0%. The 3% pre-owned property purchase tax only boost our effort to provide our top investors with the outstanding investment solutions, because of the exceptionality of the market and the benefits of being in Montenegro. With the passport of our very special country, future clients can enjoy the benefits of traveling visa-free to 124 contries, including the Schengen area, Turkey and the Russian Federation. Moreover, in less than five years, we are expected to become the citizens of the European Union, joining the exclusive cultural, political and economic area that will furtherly encourage the full-scale development of the country.

For the stakeholders interested to jointly work on the CBI Program , we do provide a comprehensive Referral Agreement that make our partners diversity-oriented, fully operational representatives of our vision, mission and goal. We humbly spread the golden word on our country and our effort to establish the unique cooperation worldwide, attracting the clients distingushed by the extraordinary interest to acquire a second citizenhip. All our partners are as well presented with outstanding cooperation opportunities regarding selling excellent properties our company can offer to our customers. We are motivated to schedule a call with you to provide a discerning insight in what we do and in what we trust.

The CMM Group stays devoted upon the path to engage, together with you, into the exploatation of the marvellous potential such a segment of the global market has to offer. New frontiers are to be explored, the cooperation between our countries should be strenghtened. We do believe, we trust, we get results.

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08 October 2020