Newton Bright Educational Consultants are proud to be promoted by the prestigious publications, ‘The Times’ newspaper in the UK and Tatler in Russia for our work on Emotional Intelligence in education.

We have recently rebranded from Lucullus Educational Consultants and have retained the same top team of consultants as well our position as the number one British owned Educational Consultancy based in Moscow.

The team has assisted thousands of students achieve their potential and we have now introduced a unique mentoring programme that accompanies students along every step of their academic path, based on emotional intelligence (EQ).


Recent studies have shown that EQ (Emotional Quotient) is 400% more effective than IQ at predicting success, not only in the classroom, but also in business.

Emotional intelligence in the classroom and workplace leads to better communication, better understanding, more teamwork, less stress, increased performance and increased revenue – so why ignore it!

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15 October 2020


Newton Bright Educational Consultants