Empowering Students to Change the World at The International School of Moscow

The International School of Moscow (ISM) encourages students to lead with compassion and care deeply about the world and its people. Nurturing kindness and empathy is embedded into the school’s ethos, which aims to bring out only the best in its students.

Through collaboration with UNICEF, the school provides students with tangible activities so that they can take direct action. Over the course of recent weeks, students have participated in challenging debates and creative projects across all four of its campuses.

Anti-Bullying Week

This November, ISM celebrated the uniqueness of every individual in the school. Over the course of an entire week, students and staff committed to carrying out acts of kindness towards one another, including exchanging compliments and supporting each other in lessons, as well as getting to know those that they may not previously have spoken to.

The message of fitting together culminated in students creating class and year group jigsaws, with each piece representing a member of the school community. The week was rounded off with the traditional ‘Odd Sock Day’ to show how different and special we all are.

Discussions about the importance of standing united against bullying are not limited solely to Anti-Bullying Week. Anti-bullying campaigns take place throughout the academic year at ISM to ensure that the whole community promotes tolerance and kindness at all times.

World Children’s Day

On Friday the 20th of November, all ISM students wore blue as they joined in with the global celebration of World Children’s Day. Learning throughout the day was concentrated on UNICEF’s sustainability goals: Life Below Water, Responsible Consumption and Production, as well as Climate Action.

World Children’s Day is about giving young people the power and the ability to change the world, as well as having their voices heard.

In lessons, students discussed what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, both in school and at home. Students designed individual footprints to show what small changes we can make, such as switching off lights and recycling paper and cardboard in school. Students got creative with recycled materials and made pencil pots, dream catchers, cars and birdhouses. They also made a video for a wider audience with suggestions on what we can do at home to be responsible consumers.

While World Children’s Day only lasted for a day, students at The International School of Moscow will continue to think about what they can do to save our planet.

Charity Work

In recent weeks, ISM Secondary students have been working together on charitable projects to help those in need.

Sofia, a Year 11 student, has led a collection for a local food bank which provides help to people who may otherwise not be able to afford food. Students have collected and delivered over 150 bags-for-life, containing non-perishable food, clothing and toiletries.

The students’ work does not stop there, and they have already formed plans about future actions that will help those who are in challenging situations at the moment.

The International School of Moscow is very confident that their students can really help to make the world a better place for everyone.

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03 December 2020


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